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Message from Chairman

We continued to experience a challenging operating environment, as well as dynamic consumer demand. The softening global economic environment is also adding to these challenges.

Despite this, we have made progress in solidifying our relationships with key brand customers by engaging with them earlier in the product development process and involving ourselves more in the design phases of their key products.

We are also continuing to invest in Manufacturing Excellence, including in innovation, process re-engineering and automation, which is enabling us to improve our competitiveness, differentiate ourselves from our competitors, and strengthen our engagement and relationships with brand customers.

Our efforts in the area of sustainability are also reinforcing our importance as a strategic partner to brand customers. This includes the recent accreditation of the social compliance program of our parent, Pou Chen Group, by the Fair Labor Association (FLA), making us the first FLA-accredited footwear supplier globally.

We will continue to execute our long-term strategies while limiting the impact of monthly order volatility and other disadvantageous factors, to move Yue Yuen back towards sustainable and steady growth and to maintain our status as a pioneer and leader in the footwear manufacturing industry.

Lu Chin Chu
Chairman of Yue Yuen

Stock Information

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Financial Key Figures

2018 Full Year Results
Full Year Dividend (HK$/Share)


Payout Ratio 101%

2018 Gross Profit Margin


2018 Net Debt to Equity


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FY2018 Results Highlights



Profit Attributable to Owners


Ordinary Dividend

HK$ per share

remain stable
Shoe Production Volume

MN pairs


Manufacturing Revenue by Geographical Location

31.3% US 30.2% Europe 13.3% China 25.3% Others

Revenue in FY2018
# Others include rest of Asia, South America, Canada, Australia, and other areas

Shoe Production Volume by Region

36.9% Indonesia 45.6% Vietnam 14.4% China 3.1% Others

Shoe Production volume in FY2018
# Other production locations include Bangladesh, Cambodia, Myanmar, etc.

​Awards & Recognitions

Fair Labor Association (FLA) accreditation

In June 2018, the social compliance program of the Group’s parent, Pou Chen Group obtained accreditation from the FLA, a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting workers’ rights around the world, making the Group the first FLA-accredited footwear supplier globally. The accreditation recognized the Group’s commitment to globally implement workplace standards; implement a comprehensive system to evaluate and incentivize manufacturing facilities and material suppliers to improve working conditions; invest in a social compliance program, training, and remediation; and improving its transparency in remediating labor violations at its production sites and establishing multiple grievance channels.

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